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Cell Phone Use Increases Risk of Brain Tumors, New Study Finds ...

The International EMF Collaborative released a report to draw attention to studies linking brain tumors and cell phone use and debunking the findings of the Interphone studies. The report emphasize...


Data Breaches at Arizona Medical Center Makes Case for Zero Trust ...

It's no longer enough to protect the network from just external hackers because there are plenty of insiders who have too much access to data, according to a security expert.


Dell Moves to Help Businesses with Battery Shuffle - Desktops and ...

The PC maker says it's setting up a tiered strategy to help corporate customers handle its recall of 4.1 million notebook battery packs.


Key VMware Executive Suddenly Resigns - Virtualization - News ...

VMware has had a rough 2008. First, a quarterly financial report wasn't up to expectations and VMware lost $8 billion on paper. Then, VMware lost its CEO, Diane Greene, in a corporate shakeup by its parent company, EMC, on July 8. Now a key R&D exec, Richard Sarwal, quits on short notice.


Lenovo to Recall Sony Batteries Used in ThinkPad Notebooks ...

Following a notebook fire at Los Angeles International Airport, Lenovo and Sony agree to a voluntary recall that will replace the battery packs for free.


Lithium-Ion Batteries to Survive Notebooks Flames - Desktops and ...

Although recent battery recalls have raised safety questions about lithium-ion technology, don't expect alternatives like fuel cells to take over the notebook PC market, experts say.

109230 michael dell is back now what desktops and notebooks  article

Michael Dell Is Back—Now What? - Desktops and Notebooks ...

News Analysis: As Dell returns to the company he founded nearly 25 years ago, analysts say he will have to make bold and decisive moves to bring the company's finances back in order.